Friday, 25 June 2010


andy murray did a perfect bow before her majesty so all is just about forgiven harder to stomach dead end kid hewitt beating the mercural monfils. also a french dress code braker the last thing id expect from the home of chic. all white on green what a relief no garish nadal etc, tennis shirt designers are the most talentless and vulgar in the world

Monday, 21 June 2010

support anyone but

scots wear tee shirt for world cup a.b.e anyone but england andy murray self pro calimed scot no isnt sure whether he will bow when he meets the queen- this isnt about nationlism is about behavior and respect by one careless remark he has diminished the support he might have got from the spectators

Sunday, 20 June 2010


for 30 years the u.k endured the onslaught of the i.r.a, artocities at warren point , guilford, birmingham, canary wharf, warrington, brighton- most of these crimes have never been subject to an enquiry or retribution- now the bloody sunday enquiry lays blame rightly on group of undisciplined soldiers but lets martin mcginnis off the hook.until all those who perpitrated these atrocities are also named and shamed neither justice or the peace process will be secure

Saturday, 19 June 2010

entente especial

yesterday sarkozy and carla came to remember the speech de gaulle made in london which was the call to france to resist the germans. this was a historic moment as britain stood alone .no matter the apparent differences between france and england we are bound by geography and sentiment,though we bait each other we dont really mean it. sarkozy made a telling speech he always makes good speeches in england and was matched by david cameron. the atmosphere seemed relaxed and civilised forgotten the dour awkwardness of the recent past. however what must be remembered is that should such a situation ever arise again england would stand with france once again vive le entente especial

Friday, 11 June 2010

the unspecial relationship

England has always been accused of being subservient to the u.s and that special relation ship exists well only when it suits the u.s the current British bashing o ver the oil spill masks the fact that deep sea drilling was forced on bp and the contract framed out to american operatives not of B.P 's choosing but that won't help Obama win an election. the UK was betrayed during WW2 by having it assets stolen in exchange for old war ships , its empire dissolved earlier than even the Indians wanted ,in order that they would lend us money we only paid of three years ago. they betrayed us in the Falklands ,Suez their companies take over British companies and destroy them, their culture and food products are predatory ,so with a jealous mean minded friend like this- who incidentally maintained the IRA as freedom fighters until freedom fighters hit home at the twin towers -who needs enemies

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

white hats

is this too white , does it need a black band, white hats are chic maybe, depends on who wears them, hat wearing is an art, a no no is white straw, beige straw - those are the hats of retirement snoozing in rattan chairs no thanks