Sunday, 31 May 2009

d day65

gordon brown our prime minister unelected, has now stated on tv that if the queen does wish to attend the 65th anniversary of d day then he can arrange it .this changes the emphasis from sarkozy who was being blamed forthis brown our unelected leader does not seem to know the difference between a head of state and a political representative .a sense of the past is essential to any man understanding the future. having been to normandy several times i know that not only the british veterans but the norman people of france would prefer to see the queen who actually served inthe war present at this is indicitavive of mr brown that he will not be going to the grave yards of british and commonwealth service men ,but has been able to find time to meet obama and no doubt grab a photo oportunity in a futile chase after popularity. for once england especially is in a near revolutionary state of mind,over the total lack of respect for the electorate it will not take much more to create englands own 68 sitaution

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