Friday, 24 July 2009

all things french

welcome to full participation solar a poetic presence from the midi ------------this week sarkosy made brave move to protect the stocks of blue fin tuna the british afraid of offending the spanish and the Japanese offred a minimal and timid support . audrey tautou makes a stunning chanel, high priestess of enduring chic and cigarettes, she has become another victim of the air brush - a cigarette has been substituted for by a pen .sex ,violence, every deviation you can think of is OK but cigarettes no, i don't smoke never have, still don't get pruirience that distorts the truth . the brave legionnairs of aubagne have set fire to the outskirts of Marseilles with some ill aimed tracer bullets, supremely careless, however unlike most of the fires in the midi a complete accident .in England swine flu rages though i don't know anyone who has it , gordon brown has been badly d defeated in a bi -election and believes hes winston Churchill, i believe I'm leonardo da vinci well we all have our delusions .mean while it rains and rains ,hydrangeas grow as big as houses ,and we find the government encouraged the weather forcasters to say it was going to be fine summer. needless to say that has back fired , but thats the uk deep in the silly season meanwhile our troops burn in afghanistan .uk or france you make you choice I'm off to the midi for the summer after next week

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