Monday, 17 May 2010

hopefully this is not what its about

once upon a time tennis was a game of artistry and grace .then we had McEnroe followed by Agassi
sampras ,Hewitt who saw more elegant players like Arthur ash ,Bjorn Borg etc pushed aside- now we have Rafael Nadal- Rafa to drooling sports commentators who sound like teeny girls at a pop concert , they seem unable to see what a ludicrous mess he is. once it was all white gear , here we've got Orange tee shirts, bandannas, hideous bermudas- forget elegance .this week he defeated balletic elegant roger federer in Madrid. normally roger plays elegantly but when nadal plays each match becomes a boring shoot out devoid of charm or thrills. agressive as an artillary barrage and about as destructive he doesn't smile , grimaces ,punches the air ,grunts like a hippopotamus .his ritual before he serves is extremely irritating this includes myriad ticks ,one of which involves adjusting his underwear .with his over muscled body on display he brings all the refinement of a weightlifting contest to any match he plays -no skill just brutish strength required. roger federer looked unengaged i think he wanted to play not fight. if nadal's resurgence continues were in for a summer of switch off boring slog it out tennis with artistry fled elsewhere

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