Tuesday, 24 November 2009

a political stunt?or reverence

sarkozy is attempting to transfer the remains of Nobel prize winner from lourmarin to a new resting place inside the pantheon in Paris.there to take his place amongst the greats of french culture and literature .raised in Algeria of a pied noir family, he was always anti establishment, whether it was the accepted view of the existential movement or absurdism. he was also adrift of the french intellectual elite when it came to the cause of french settlers in in Algeria by daring to suggest rapprochement was a desirable out come. he was a pacifist but joined the Resistance ,he opposed capital punishment, a one time communist he opposed Russian actions in Hungary and the stance of the french socialism in its subservience to the Russian point of view. albert camus was not a cypher but a real man ,who stood by a mixture of personal views some of them contradictory whether they were acceptably main stream or not . his best known work the plague is memorable for more reasons than i can explain here, its central theme the role of the outsider .for my generation it was his death that was so shocking - greatness snuffed out casually as the result of a last minute decision to travel by car instead of train .now that sarkozy is trailing in the polls a populist gesture is perhaps the reason he wishes to re inter him . though it is strange notion as Camus was so anti authority. he rests where he rests,his family are resisting the move, why indeed would a man who existed within the fortress of his own intellect need establishment aprobation to enhance his greatness .if he is looking down, he is either amused or irritated by this proposal and would probably wish to remain in the south as close as possible to his beloved algerie

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