Monday, 26 July 2010

english summer

it started well but has now reverted to pick and mix days of sun and shade , there is a lighter atmosphere since the new government arrived, the previous government cannot accept that it is out of office. meanwhile the new politics is much more pleasant the fact that two men can co-operate together troubles people , its very easy i think for two men who like each other to cooperate on any thing . it is grown up .it is the degenerate state of labour politics that they cant envisage this. now the season is over its time to go on holiday, France of course for polar .to sit on terrace watch ship sail for Africa head off to severines for coffee and croissant's and the corsican brothers restaurant ,bliss . more importantly it is time to meet up with my cher amis in la coitat and nimes so whats not to look forward to except the brevity of it all and the autumn that follows on its heels aurevoir until then

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