Friday, 26 November 2010


in england in the 17th century we had our revolution led by parliamentarian oliver cromwell and we learned our lesson. feckless king charles had his head cut off .however what did we get in its place, a republic that persecuted catholics, the irish , hunted down and burned whitches destroyed art, separated us permanently from ireland ,and then set up it own hereditary system and abolished christmas - the restoration of the monarchy with merry monarch king charles 2 and his many mistress meant that half of england has royal blood any way - the best thing about the monarchy is it stops politicians going for the top job, we keep hearing about implausible presidential candidates if the monarchy went- richard branson who cant string two sentences to gether, judi drench whose already played victoria and elizabeth, queen helen mirren- a terrible impersonation and whose russian anyway -- other ghastlies on the list stephen fry , lord putnam , dawn french and tony blair we might as well hve billy elliot or nigella - luvvies and lefties who we'd never get rid of -no thanks i'd rather keep her majesty and her grisly family though if charles ascends the throne he wont have my allegiance i will have transferred it to the next generation

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