Wednesday, 7 October 2009

big mac

the news that the icon of french culture the louvre is to be invaded by the macdonalds is being viewed with alarm in france , and so it should be. this is a sign of capitulation before the american cultural juggernaut .french cooking that gave us everything from escoffier to novelle cuisine is being beaten down by the big mac. bistros and restaurants are closing by the score the general standard of food has plummeted as establishments try to keep pace with americanisation . france has a greater up take of macdonalds than any other country outside the england the resurgence of cooking has beaten this back -in bristol you can eat at half the price of a french equivalent in least six good restaurants likewise in london. the effect in france is more than cultural , an an increase in body size is suddenly apparent. the mac is part of an alien culture ,no knives and forks required ,no finesse and 540n calories per burger .food taken on the hoof means, no converstion no relaxation, no flirtation, everything the french meal is about ,is going to be lost and for what, .wake up france strike back before its too late

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