Sunday, 18 October 2009

sarkos follies

jean arkozy 23 is being proposed as the new director of the financial heart of paris la defense which is currently running a 200 millon deficit , the cry of nepotism disgrace rings thoughout the land .taller by 10 inches and better looking than his father he is the second son of his first marriage .the president supports his son it is said ,out of a sense of guilt rather than enthusiasm. guilt over the collapse of his first marriage, the result of betrayal by his wifes best friend celine who ran off with sarko .celine went on to dump sarko publically thinking she'd scored some sort of victory until chanteuse cara bruni came along to best her. zut alors !ambitious sons , jealous wives ,revenge, passion ,guilt ,sex, nepotism ,you couldn't make it up the only hope is jean sarko at 23 hasn't yet been corrupted by power, sex and money and will be a can do in a world of negativity .when they make the film casting will be interesting. sarko juinor was seated next to louis garrel at a recent fashion show in paris perhaps casting talks are already in progess

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