Saturday, 3 October 2009


preconceived ideas dont emerge from nowhere ,as far as american culture is concerned i have plenty . the country that gave us macdonalds ,starbucks ,the obesity crisis ,president bush , are the worlds greatest polluters per head of population and who assume they can have whatever they want whenever they want it, dont exactly elicit love. ive also loathed the dumbing down of childhood classics too, the jungle book, peter pan ,robin hood, cinderella , even notre dame de paris via disney .so i watched jonathan woss reluctantly ,i never watch wossy unless its someone i want so see . on friday it was another no no for me ,the so identifiably show biz U.S, barbra striesand . i had a hard day was too tired to resist and what did i see, a very laid back lady ,giving a masterly rendition of jacques brel's ne me quitte pas, partly sung in french . it was one of the best interpretations ive ever heard of this timeless song this side of scott walker and the great man himself . had i let my prejudices warn me off ,i would have missed a demonstration of the fact that a great song and a fine rendition can go to prove that real art can and does and triumph over any prejudice, any preconception -even mine

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