Saturday, 20 March 2010

greed to the point of insanity

the united nations set up a meeting to try to preserve remaining stocks of blue fin tuna ,the ingredient of many a sushi dish even salad nicoise.stocks have fallen world wide to 15% of their original level, the motion was blocked by smaller nations and the ghastly 3 canada, track record clubbing harp seal pups to death ,annihilating narwhal whales and now blue fin tuna , japan with its appetite for sushi, whale meat, use of rare woods, proves there's nothing precious the japanese will pass up on ,then the spaniards hoovering the oceans ,the north sea ,the med till there's nothing left .they hoovered up the seas off somalia hence the pirates who needed to make a living once the fish had gone. the excuse for preventing a halt to fishing ,it would devastate fishing communities, well go on fishing guys and you'll devastate yourselves. what can an individual do - for me tuna is off the menu so is sushi- I'm not risking eating whale -therefore it's salad aixoise from now on, which entails nothing worse than murdering artichokes

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