Saturday, 8 January 2011

lack of optimism

apparently,in one of those crazy polls that no one you know has ever taken part, in the french are the least optimistic country in Europe - well cheer up mes amis, you have twice as much space as the UK, better roads ,railways, everyone i know looks chic, has profound things to say. has more sunshine ,endless supplies of classy rose ,gorgeous weather presenters , great jeans wonderful shirts , glace fruits , places like nimes and the bouche du rhone coast - ok your restaurants aren't so hot any more , your chips have gone to dogs and the french and English navies are about to make love . and even if the french language is on the run ,you live in a beautiful place ,you have an existential intensity that gives me goose bumps, and no matter what the Franco phobes say, your the most loyal friends you can ever make ,so cheer up mes ami you've got a lot going for you and i love you ,will defend you against all comers, even if you don't love yourselves

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