Wednesday, 9 September 2009

duplicity thy clour is brown

the british army under equipped under manned ,is sent to afghanistan to keep terror from our streets, i quote our unelected pm yet,at the same time in order not to upset libya the supplier of semtex to the ira ,he refuses to back injury claimants in the uk, therefore libyan terrorists and the ira are ok ,but the taliban etc are not .nor does the argument that terror is kept off the streets by a military presence hold water ,it is home grown and a military presence will be no more effective than it was in in northern ireland. remember, guilford ,birminghanm ,canary wharf etc . bob ainsworth brown appointee, is scarcely adequate, i make no apologies for despising someone with no education, who crawls his way to the top through trade union committee's. this whole debacle is scandal and is typical of someone who wants a job ,i mean brown ,and hasn't a clue what to do with it when he gets it . his performance is rotting away the soul of the socialist movement in this country .we all deserve better than having to prop up one mans vanity

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