Monday, 7 September 2009


exhibitions were varied around la ciotat, there is an excellent gallery in st cyr which seems to exhibit big name artists . verdhilan is featured at present. he is a painter with a primative yet structured apoproach to provence and the water front at marseille. he is impressive in his consistency .the marine painters exhibition in the beaux art building is a marvellous representation of the coast and marseille everyone from orthon freiz to zeim is reprsented, taking a amisty eyed look at old marseille , transporter bridge and all before the germans ripped the heart out of the city in world war 2 ,the beaux art building is very beautiful but the clutter and mess in the forecourt is a disgrace ,like wise the interior, a maginficent staircase ruined by wallpaper actually peeling off as you watch it,come on fork out some money and get the decorators in. the chapel of the penitants bleu in la ciotat has an exhibition by a local group calling themseleves the artist of the chantier. engergetic and lively they also presented them selves to discuss their work, ther is lot of exprimentation in this group which however has yet to pruduce a star performer or real individuality. the gallery on the port is normally not of this standard and usuallly presents works that seem to throughly misunderstand expressionism and fauvism .however the latest exhibition photos recording the life of the shipyard not only had some powerful images but also contains a nostalgic element which reminded us that la coitat was once a grat ship building centre

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