Thursday, 17 September 2009

lifts without real elevation

why do our politicians feel their appearance matters as much as their policies.sarkozy obsessed with his lack of stature wears cuban heels,(lifts,) stands on a box to deliver speeches and then surrounds himself with small people. would anyone have thought twice about his size if he hadn't drawn attention to it . is it a coincidence that the tall patrician de villepin is facing a trial and its not possible that height envy might have some thing to do with it .then we have gordon brown his teeth fixed to produce the worst smile in the world plus the curious changes in his figure. one minute all heaved up like butch the bulldog, next moment a sack of potatoes, there is some thing mysterious going here and its probably known as body shaper or corset to me and you. the antithesis of this nonsense was winston churchill bald, over weight, small, did he care -not at all. force of personality , policies and the ability to deliver them is all that counts. unfortunately nothing has been learned from history by this vainglorious pair

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