Sunday, 6 December 2009

blue fiin

once the mdeiteranean teemed with tuna ,in the rue de poilus la coitat each day there was a huge tuna cut fresh for passing trade. not any more. over fishing mainly the spanish have emptied the seas. there is an 18th c painting of la coitat with tuna fishing as a great social event. stocks are now near extinction ,however france has taken up the cause ,restaurants in paris, marseille, and brittany have banned it from the menu .bardot has joined the fight,maybe its too late ,maybe there can be no solution as long as japan despoils the planet with its craving for whale meat, dolphins and tuna, in the name of the god sushi .if they can be shamed into stopping their craving for endagered species ,perhaps they can be persuaded to give up using tropical wood too ,chefs in france have shown a commendable lead despite the fact the might be placing themselves at a disadvantage ,for little or no gain. however what ever happens ,self sacrifice never did the national soul anyharm

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