Thursday, 3 December 2009

paris london

franco phobes,anglo phobes, nonsense that leads me to despair that countries with so much in common should wish to take chunks out of each other. the latest disdain is on two counts, sarkozy refusing to send more troops to afghanistan is seen as a stab ii the back this side of the channel , i hasten to add i'm fervently opposed to the war and feel we have no right to impose our way of life on another nation. now there is new french finance minister for E.U ,he is hell bent on cutting the london finance market down to size, which in this case is short sighted .paris does not have the international out reach or multi culturism of london . to undermine london would give newyork a Free hand to dominate the finance market, which would be bad for the london but even worse for europe .its time these petty wrangles were history they have damaged both countries since the days of the conquest .wake up sarkozy ,you benefit from london too, along with 500,000 french who work there

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