Tuesday, 29 December 2009

french follies

from this side of the channel we view france with a degree of fascination, sarkozy with his extraordinay vendettas astounds us ,the fact that he seems under thumb of merkle saddens us . but its carla who seems to be at the centre of the french maelstrom .supporting disgraced ministers ,involved in nepotism apparenly swinging sarko left -what a woman. the new josephine rather than marie antionette .however she has encouraged sarko to stress about his height- see jamie cullem if you want a master class on not letting it matter .also she sings in the way that vanessa paradis and stephanie of monaco sang . maybe this is some thing that is lost in translation but francoise hardy she ain't .its something that dimishes her as much as sarko's cuban heels , achieving the reverse of whats intended . what about our leader this side and his mrs dull and deluded and nothing worth mentioning ot looking at for longer than you have to

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