Thursday, 28 January 2010

dominique de villepin and the tale of two small men

dominique de villepin once unelected pm of france was accused during the race for presidency of slurring the reputation of sarkozy. tall goodlooking, patrician and intellectual, his hauteur was something to behold .if looks were enough he would have made a great president. he lost out to sarkozy for his party's nomination . de villepin's henchmen conducted a dirty campaign - however it is politics therefore so what.sarkozy wanting to destroy his rival brought him into the same courtroom that tried marie antionette. they had a lousy case then ,this time the same, the difference is they lost de villepin goes free , de villepin diminished by his henchmen with sarkozy diminished even further .it is another demonstration that democracy is run by the self obessed men and that we need a revolutionary thinker to make a democratic process that really addresses the problems of the 21st century

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