Wednesday, 6 January 2010

luise rainer back to back oscar winner 36/37

Austrian born Luise Rainer celebrates her 100 birthday this week .Rainer lives in London in what was vivien Leigh's old flat in Eaton place. she is the oldest living Oscar winner having received recognition in 1936 for her performance in the great Ziegfeld and 1937 for the good earth. set to be one of m.g.m's greatest stars and a replacement for Garbo she quarreled with Louis .b. Mayer and left the studio after making only eight films , she has worked sporadically since. but retains to this day the Aura of star. living in London she is frequently appears at premiers and openings at art galleries . having lost none of her sparkle she remains a thorn in the side of time and a living testimony of the life force within us.

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