Sunday, 10 January 2010

french laws some good some curious

in France a law is about to be enforced which fines woman from wearing the burka in public .there is much controversy about this in is impossible for someone to teach with their face covered is an instance in england that has caused problems. however it is subjection of women to men's will, or the suggestion infidel men are inflamed by lust at he sight of an unveiled woman that is deeply insulting. in england we do not have the courage of the french government, yet the anomalies continue unchallenged a picture in newspaper in the summer showed a young man walking with is burka clad wife, open shirt underpants showing and with a piercing. the male flaunting his body next to a subjugated women was incongruous. was she happy with this well never know. one girl in paris stated the french state in its actions is protecting us as women. which i think is justification enough 2 a new french law is to pin point psychological abuse in marriage how do you define this are we talking of differences between men and women ,personality traits ,a conversationalist married to some one introverted could find that mental abuse, the ramifications are endless .how can any of this be proved unless cameras are introduced into the home,,3 sarkozy at the behest of his allegedly musician of a wife carla is to impose a tax on google to offset the effect of illegal down lodes .since a child i have resisted collective punishment refusing to accept a detention when i was not the one behaving badly in a classroom . the culprits here should be pinpointed. it is not fair to to persecute the many because of few ,it is sloppy way to arrive at legislation and above all unjust

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