Thursday, 21 January 2010


Haiti has a history unstable as its seismic base ,it has known Independence, Spanish rule ,french rule, American rule, dictatorship and corruption.itwas wrested from Napoleon via slaves revolt. it has a proud and yet unfortunate history .the current catastrophe is beyond imagnation and requires unstinted heroism all round. it seems however that here is no international co-ordinated effort. it has also become an opportunity for French to snipe at americans while threal work is done by firemen who refuse to give up and are dragging people from building 8 days after the earth quake .in England the government response has been pathetic ,the British public out of its own pocket stumping up more than a government that spends 20 million on its own publicity .rock bottom opportunism last night when the PMs wife the ubiquitous Sarah turned up a TV soap ward ceremony ,that no so called first lady would be seen dead at ,and made a speech amidst the awards about haiti. thus patronising people who do not need lectures on compassion from politicians wives. it is high time we were saved from the politicising of tragedy ,and that the united mations paid for task for to coordinate the rescue work in future disasters, saving us from thisinseemly struggle amongst politicians trying to appear the most caring, no one is fooled as precious time and money are wasted

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